Tuesday, January 27, 2009

HOT WATER!!!!! :)

After going almost a week without hot water, Curtiss taking two days off from work (for some reason I didn't mind that at all:) and a couple trips to the hardware store, we again have running hot water (YEAH!). It wasn't too bad going without but boy did it feel nice to again step into the shower and feel hot water again that I hadn't had to heat up and pour over myself, it was wonderful. Just thought you might all want an update and to celebrate with me:) Three cheers for Home Depot!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Of Water, A Canner, and Shampoo...

Warm water that runs through our pipes and into our shower hoses out through the nozzle and onto are heads ahhh... what a life we live. And how much we take it for granted.

"Do I get a boy scouts medal for taking a cold shower?" asked Mom as she came out of Joanna and Curtiss' bathroom. Earlier that morning Joanna had said that she didn't think the hot water was working right, as her shower was just on the verge of being chilly. After hearing that I would be bathing in ice water, I decided not to take a shower I said I would be happy to just wear a hat, since I was planning on wearing one anyway. The next day Joanna was feeling like a really bad hostess saying that, "She couldn't even give her guests a warm shower." After telling me that my hair looked like it could use a good cleaning, and not really wanting to send me home dirty, she quickly came up with a plan to heat up water on the stove.

So, by setting the big canner on the stove, and getting her old pitcher and basin set, which she had gotten for her 18th birthday, we started building our shower.

After the water was a good temperature, we had Curtiss heft the big pot to the bathroom, we then filled another pot with cold water, and then we started our showers. In order to get the water the right temperature we added just a little bit of cool water, after testing the water we started the baptism. ( As Curtiss calls it)

I was the first one since I needed the shower the most. ;) It felt so wonderful to have my hair clean.

Joanna was second. Because we had lots of water left she decided she might as well enjoy it.

The only thing I could think of was the song of from South Pacific "I'm gonna wash that man right out of my hair..." I have never even seen the movie, but I have seen the preview many times. :)

Mom was the last to decided to dip her head into the wonderful warm water. It was so lovely to feel warm water again, we all had to experience it. Curtiss and Joanna still don't have hot water but Curtiss is planning on working on it tonight. Doing dishes washing hands and taking showers are all tied up in your hot water, and when it is not working you realize how much we rely on it. Although it does make some very interesting adventures. Posted by Picasa