Monday, September 29, 2008

Still Alive

Hi everyone,
I just thought that you might all like to know that Elise and I are still alive just VERY busy with wedding plans. It is less than two weeks away now and all the last little detail stuff is left to do, all the stuff that doesn't seem like it would take long but when you add them all up they do. Anyway I probably won't be back on here for several more weeks to come, Elise might be able to get to posting after the wedding whirl wind is over. Maybe she will even be able to post some wedding pictures. So until next time...
P.S. Prayer for all of us as we go through this time is greatly appreciated :)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

We Made it!

Hi everybody! We are safely on U.S. soil. The trip went very well, it was long but everything went well and we made it in on time. We are all rather tired because we got an average of two or three hours a piece over the course of 48 hours from the time we left the apartment until we went to bed last night. But now we have at least all spent one whole night in bed resting if not sleeping the whole time and we have a nice day ahead of us with no scheduled activities. I am looking forward to seeing all of you soon!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

TIck, Tick, Tick......

That my friends is the sound of the clock that is ticking down the minutes until it is time to leave here and head for home. Let me give you an over view of what the next two days is going to look like for me. Curtiss has informed me that I am getting up at five tomorrow morning so that I will be sufficiently tired by tomorrow afternoon to sleep, so that is when my day is going to start. At some point in the early morning Curtiss and I are going to head to the city of Hunedoara to do a couple of things that have to be done before we leave and then we are coming back to the apartment to pick up Mr and Mrs Archer and going to one last sight seeing spot all together (we are going to go and see some Roman ruins). After coming back from that we have to go to a couple of church families homes to say goodbye. We hope to get some sleep after that and at one am Friday morning we climb in the car to drive to the airport.
We fly our of Romania at six Friday morning and land in the USA at 2:40 in the afternoon doesn't sound to bad unil you remember that isn't counting the seven hour time zones that we have to go through or the five hour lay over that we have in Vienna Austria. Actually it is kind of funny, because Curtiss didn't get his ticket at the same time the rest of us did it was more expensive for him to go the same flight as we are so we are all leaving Romania on the same plane and going to Vienna from there Curtiss has 25 minutes to make it to his next flight to Munich Germany and from Germany he goes to Washington. The rest of us sit in Vienna for five hours, well, even with Curtiss's extra plane trip he makes it to Washington an hour and a half before us. I personnally don't think that that is fair:)
So until I am in my homeland "Goodbye!". I will try and let you all know as soon as possible that we have made it safely. Please keep us in your prayers as we travel home. See you all soon!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Bears, O My!

The summer is drawing to a close and we are in the process of closing everything down and getting ready to leave. Today we had the final English class of the season and we had a slam bang finish.
Instead of having the kids come in three different groups to sit in the living room learning English grammar we had all the kids meet us out in the soccer field and had them learn American (English) games. Last weeks we handed out little slips of paper telling them that this week classes would be different, everyone together and going from two to four in the afternoon. The kids all thought that the little pieces of paper were tickets and all week we have had different kids knocking on the door asking for a ticket so that they could come and play:)
The first hour we split them all into three groups and had relay races with a candy bar prize for the team that won the most races. We named them the Lions, Tigers and Bears. We did everything from run out around that rock and back to three legged races (Curtiss and I were honorary members of the Bears team for the three legged race (yes, we won:) The Tigers won the day though with the most wins over all. We then had a short break for ice cream bars for all, then came the second hour, American baseball. Well, actually you should call it "Try and get them to hold the bat right while they try and hit a tennis ball" there are no bases or players, just a bunch of kids all wanting to use the two bats we have at the same time and since almost none of them have ever even seen baseball before let alone play it, they don't even know how to hold a bat. But they all had a blast and we had fun too. So English classes are over for another year and I would say the students were all very happy with the finish:)