Friday, January 29, 2010

Howdy :)

Yep, you may be surprised but I am still alive, just not in a blogging mood very often :)
I have reached the third trimester mark (BIG WHOO HOO if I do say so myself) I love feeling this little one wiggle and kick inside of me. Curtiss has been able to feel a few times too although Baby seems to like to tease Daddy and either only moves when he is not around or quits moving whenever Daddy tries to feel :) After many months of waiting and searching for what we should do I now have an appointment with a Certified Nurse Midwife for prenatal care, which I am very happy about. I thought it was quite funny that I had to go and have an "official" pregnancy test in order for us to apply for the insurance we needed to afford the birth. Here I was five months along having already heard a heartbeat a couple of times, felt the baby kick on a daily basis, besides the fact that I looked pregnant, going into the health department to get a pregnancy test. The nurse didn't quite know what to do with me. And you will never guess so I'll tell you... the test was positive! So I can now know that I am pregnant:)
I know that you all will want to see a picture so I just went and took one... You'll have to take me as you see me :)

So, there you are, all caught up. Hope you all are doing well!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Our Home: My Bedroom

A very big "hello" to all who read this. It seems like ages since I posted last but it really has been less then a month. In that time we have had Christmas, New Year's, and we have moved into our new home! We don't have Internet in the new house yet, so I am sitting over in the old mostly empty house blogging. It is slightly chillier and sad feeling over here in this old house, it almost feels like it was abandoned, with its few furnishings here and there. Anyway, this post is mostly for my Grandma who has been asking for pictures, so without any more ado here is,
My bedroom
(which is pretty much my bed ;)

As I was flipping through a magazine after Prayer and Praise one night, I came across instructions for a built in bed and bookshelf... I showed it to Dad and he said that we already had the wood that we needed to make it... Green light #1 I got permission from Mrs. G--- to steal (or borrow) her magazine... Green light #2. I also had the perfect window in my room to build a bed around as my bedroom used to be a kitchen. Green light #3. Three green lights... I believe that made it a go. I drew up my own version of the original magazine drawing, (which I scanned in below) Dad did a lot of the actual measurements and stuff... I just knew what I wanted it to look like, he did most of the math. ;) I drove a couple of nails into it, but Dad did most of the hard work, thanks Dad.

Before bed...

Viola, After Bed... and thus you have my bedroom and haven.

I hope to do another post on the house soon, but you never know... My next post will probably be about the kitchen. We are still working on the basement level, Mom and I painted the utility room today. So some of the house is still labeled under construction and thus can't have anything blogged about it as of yet.

I am getting very cold sitting here so I think it is time to sign off. There is something very chilling about sitting in a cold empty house, it almost feels colder then the outdoors... almost. Well, goodbye y'all I am off to warm up.

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