Friday, July 31, 2009

What to blog???

It seems that every time that I try to sit down at the computer to post something here my mind ends up being a complete blank with nothing there to write. There is always something going on around here but not always something that would be interesting to all of you to read.
You might be wondering if we are moving? Well, yes we are but not as soon as we had originally thought. The people who are renting the apartment that we are moving into after they leave are buying a house, and as we all know closings on houses never happen when they think they might so they aren't going to be able to be out of the apartment until the 15'th of the month or so and hopefully a few days after that we will be able to move in. So that brings you all up to date on the house situation. Other than that Curtiss is busy with different odd jobs and is still looking for a permanent job, and I am helping out who ever needs something done around here when and where I can. So as you can see not much of interest on the home front for all of you but we are busy living life even if there isn't anything unusual to write about :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

An Update

Yes, I know it has been a long time since I posted anything. Apart from being quite busy over the last few weeks I really haven't been in the blogging mood so even if I did have time I usually didn't even think about it :) In the last couple of weeks since getting back to the states we have:
1) Moved all of our things into storage until we can move them into the apartment that we are renting
2) Moved Daniel, Whitney and Nate up here for the summer
3) Bought a truck (yeah I know I should've posted about it and put up pictures)
4) Gone to the H- family reunion
5) visited with my family (and got to celebrate Elise's 19'th birthday with her!!!)
6) Gotten cell phones (I have my very own!! Exciting I know:)
7) Curtiss has started working on some remodeling jobs (and will be looking for a more long term job)
8) Got a dog (who will live here in Steamburg after we move down the road) her name is "Momo"
9) and last but now least found a place to rent that should be available for us to move into on August 1'st.

There if that hasn't gotten you tired it sure has me. Like I said we have been busy with getting everything settled and it isn't slowing down any let me tell you.
Tomorrow we are celebrating Nate's first birthday (his birthday is actually on Wednesday but we are having the party tomorrow) so that will be fun.
I think that just about catching you up on what our last 3 weeks have been like, I think that the next couple will be a little bit slower (until moving time) but you never know :-)