Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This Thanksgiving Curtiss and I had our plans changed a bit. We had thought that Curtiss's family would come and stay and celebrate with us here in Ohio but the Lord had other plans. Last Monday evening Curtiss's grandma (who had been struggling with Alzheimers for years) passed away to be with her Lord and Savior.  So we ended heading to New York for this last weekend. It was a very bitter/sweet time, it was great to be able to see people again and to know that Grandma Bohall was no longer suffering but everyone will still miss and her greatly.

It was a lot of fun to see Nate and Jimmy together again.  Jimmy was old enough to actually notice Nate and Nate kept us all on our toes to make sure that his loving care for Jimmy didn't end up detrimental to one or both of them :)  I thought you all might enjoy some pictures of our time there.

The above picture isn't the one that I originally wanted but blogger kept messing up on the one that I did but this one was still cute and shows the two boys together.  Jimmy looks kinda shell shocked and that is most likely because we had about three cameras going at the same time and we felt rather like celebrities with all the flashes going off.  Usually when Jimmy was that close to Nate he was trying to touch his face and hair and Nate spent the time trying to dodge Jimmy's little fingers :)

Here is Grandma and Grandpa with their two grandsons.

  While we were there we celebrated Christmas since Curtiss and I are planning on going to my parents house at Christmas time and it wouldn't work to fit in both families in one trip.
Jimmy LOVED wrapping paper (whenever mama wasn't fast enough and he got some) it was almost as good as pizza crust or cookie crumbs :)

 Nate was a lot of fun to watch, he is old enough now that he really likes presents and simple things like M&M's really make his day :)

Jimmy did extremely well in the truck both on the way there and back, especially considering the fact that he usually is screaming after a couple of hours shopping and driving around town. I always thought it was the carseat  that he didn't like but maybe he suffers from the same thing most men do and he just doesn't like shopping???

Saturday, November 20, 2010

6 Months

 Yes, that is right as of tomorrow my little boy will be 6 months old.  I really can't believe that he is already half a year old but at the same time I wonder what I did before I had him :)

He has changed SOOO much and gotten so big, he is starting to move into 12 month size clothing and to move out of 6 month size.

This picture was taken just a few days ago with my cell phone and I think he looks REALLY good in orange, it makes his eyes pop :)

Our happy family, we love our boy!!! :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Teeth, Apples and Glasses

     Hey everybody! Yes, I know I have sorely neglected this poor blog but it just seems that I haven't had time to blog and I think that I am a horrible first time mother since I don't take pictures of my son nearly as much as I know other first time moms do. So I haven't had very many pictures of a certain cute little boy to share with you.

As you can see in the picture below Jimmy is teething and his first tooth finally came in far enough that you can see it in a picture.  I think that he is the easiest teether ever (so far anyway:) since one day I noticed he had a large bump on his gums and the next day I could feel the tip of the tooth. No crying, fussing, runny nose or fever. I am very much hoping that all his teething is this easy!!!

Sorry about the slight blur of the picture... it is quite difficult these days to have anything within reach of certain little hands... and the camera had to be close to see the tooth :)

Jimmy is also very much enjoying his discovery of FOOD. He loves to eat and if I have anything that is going into my mouth he wants it too... BADLY :)

The other day Curtiss and I were eating supper and had some apple slices that I had cut up and Jimmy greatly enjoyed sucking on a piece, he was rather frantic if it slipped out of his hands :)

He has really gotten into playing with his toys now too. And for not getting around much on his own he sure can spread the toys around the room. He usually will have a radius of toys surrounding himself. 
The not getting around part is changing rapidly too, yesterday he rolled onto his stomach for the first time by himself.

And now for this picture.... Yes, I now have glasses.... just got back from picking them up in fact.... Lets just say that it is going to take some getting used too. I mostly need them for driving especially at night but anything distance related I can for sure see better now. :)