Thursday, April 15, 2010

Baby Shower

This last Sunday my mother-in-love held a baby shower for Jimmy and me. We had a lot of fun and I would have posted about it sooner except I have been busy packing and sorting since Curtiss and I are moving on the 24th. I have found that I can't work as fast or as long as I used to for some strange reason :)

Here is the cake that Curtiss's cousin made, she is the same one that made the cake for our wedding.

On Monday I spent the day going through and sorting everything that I got so that some of it could be put in storage and the rest could be used when needed. This picture is of all the bath type things that I got, as you can see in the top of the picture Jimmy is going to be one clean kid with all the shampoo and baby wash that I received. I believe that there were 8 in all, so if you are expecting a baby don't be surprised if you get some shampoo from me :)

These are the clothes that we were given. Almost all of them were in a larger size so they will fit him when he is a few months to a year old, which is really nice since I have almost everything that I need for the newborn size.

And of course all the toys and books he got. I must admit that I put almost all of this in storage since he won't care for quite some time whether he has any toys or not and hopefully by the time that he does we can be living somewhere where we can have all of our stuff unpacked. Now I just need to figure out what last minute things I need before the birth and we are all set :)

Sorry if this feels kinda rushed, I don't have all that much time and I wanted to share with you all. Sarah G- is on her way here right now to spend the day with me and help me with some packing so this had to be brief.

Last week Curtiss and I were able to go and spend with my family and here is a picture of Trina and I. We are exactly 10 weeks apart so I am 34 weeks here and she is 24 :)