Friday, October 8, 2010

My Man

 Since Curtiss and I are within a couple of days of our two year anniversary I just have to brag on my husband a little bit :)  The last two years really have been the best of my life even though we have gone through some pretty significant changes together and it just keeps getting better. In many (good) ways it seems like we have been together much, much longer than two years.

Now some of you might be wondering what a picture of a burnt roast has to do with the anything I have said thus far. Well, that is what our dinner looked like this last Sunday.  I had gotten it all ready Saturday night and started it right before going to bed, we woke up to the wonderful smell of roasted meat and I thought "Oh, that smells good!" and then I got up and got the baby out of his crib and went downstairs and by the time I got to the bottom of the stairs I knew something wasn't right. It didn't smell quite as good as it had upstairs.  I thought I had added enough water but this is what I found when I looked in the crock pot...

Beautiful isn't it??? At first I thought it was completely charred but upon closer inspection the meat itself wasn't burnt (just my poor crock pot, which by the way came completely clean after soaking for 24 hours, HOORAY for soap and water) it was just completely dried out and in my opinion a little like jerky.  Now for the bragging part.  Curtiss liked it, to quote "If I had my way I would fix it like this every time."  I had some very mixed emotions eating that meal, how am I suppose to feel bad about serving such a thing when I know he is telling the truth about liking it? but at the same time how am I suppose to be proud of such a dried, shriveled up hunk of meat???

And this is what I found on my doorstep when the Fedex lady rang my door bell this afternoon. 
Beautiful aren't they? 
 I could keep going but I think that for now I will quit bragging because as the song in Calamity Jane goes...

Well, now, if you've got a cutie who's a real sweet patootie
better keep it under your hat
Just remember curiousity in fables of old
Killed the curious cat

Supposin' you love a laddie who's a sweet sugar daddy
Better take in the welcoming mat
Remember there's a dozen dolls for every Dan
You're not the only sweet pea in the can

So, if you wanna know the way to keep your man
Keep it under your hat
Keep it under your hat!